1787 Redhaven Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95993-8880

SIR STATE PRESIDENT - SIR Jerry L. Stain, 209 551-8220   
SIR REGION 9 DIRECTOR – SIR Mark Stuart, 916-788-0274
SIR STATE VICE PRESIDENTSIR Derek Southern, 925 253-1646
SIR AREA 15 GOVERNORSir Giorgio Dina, 916-521-9998

BIG SIR- Doug Parker, 671-9133                                                                                                                              Bill Crocker, 673-8982 - ATTENDANCE
LITTLE SIR - Dennis Faron-Wilson, 742-0902                                                                                                                  Dieter Rex, 673-4393 - BULLETIN
SECRETARY - Bob Engen, 845-8360                                                                                                                Bill Crocker, 673-8982 - BULLETIN ADMIN
ASS’T. SECRETARY - Bill Smith, 673-5870                                                                                                 Dennis Faron-Wilson, 742-0902 - PROGRAM
TREASURER - Steve Clark, 671-5286                                                                                                                         Jack Moseley, 674-8506 - SUNSHINE
ASS’T. TREASURER - Guy Rector, 674-1236                                                                                                                 Roy Newman, 755-3713 - TRAVEL


Bill Craig
Bill Cocker
Dennis Dempsey
Phil Higgason
Dieter Rex
Art Worledge

Activities: Phil Higgason
Audits: George Healy
Badges: Glenn Clingman
Badges: Hall Beeso
Bocce Ball: Buck Foster
Bowling: Ray Buttacavoli
Ass’t. Bowling: Vacant
Ass‘t. Bulletin: Len Royat
Card Guy: Hall Beeso
Cashier: Ron Grist
Ass’t. Cashier: Gilbert Corchado
Chaplain: Bill Lindholm
Ass’t. Chaplain: Don Landrus
Computers: Gary Mitchell
Ass’t. Computers: Vacant
Dining Out: Rich Dettmer
Door Prizes: D. Faron-Wilson
Fishing: D. Faron-Wilson
Ass’t. Fishing: Buck Foster
Golf: John Boyer
Ass’t. Golf: Terry Hood
Historian: Bill Crocker
Membership: Brock Smith
Ass’t. Membership: Vacant
Photography: Bob Engen
Photographer: Richard Grant
Pool:  Richard Sacchetti
Roster: Bill Crocker
Ass’t. Sunshine: Buck Foster
Travel: Roy Newman
Ass’t Travel: Dennis Dempsey
Website: Gary Mitchell

Please Note:

Bill Cocker, 673-8982
takes calls about

Jack Moseley, 674-8506

handles calls regarding

Roy Newman, 755-3713

takes calls regarding

Sons In Retirement Incorporated, or SIR, is a public benefit organization providing for the welfare of retired men from all walks of life who are pursuing a common goal, namely, the enjoyment of their later years with dignity and pride, by assisting these senior citizens to renew former friendships and associations and affording them an opportunity to make new friends through association with other retired men who also face the particular problems that confront men upon their retirement.

Branch 45 meets on the first Monday every month, at 11:45 a.m. in The Plaza Room, Julie Drive, Yuba City, California. If this date is a holiday; then call any officer or director for correct date. We have just over 200 active members and our members organize many separate activities, which are listed in the menu at the top menu bar under activities. If there’s an activity you are interested in, and we don’t offer it, please let the activity coordinator know about it.

: If you are interested in becoming a member, and don’t know any SIRs, please see the membership page at the top menu bar. There you will find out who to contact to start the easy application process. If you have a friend who is a SIR, he can start the process by simply inviting you to lunch.
We are a very friendly group of retired men, and we subscribe to the motto at the top of the page! Come and see who we are, then get involved in any of our wide choice of activities. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

We appreciate regular attendance. A member who fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular luncheon meetings without having been excused by contacting the Branch Attendance Person prior to the meeting date, or has failed to attend six (6) regular luncheon meetings within the previous twelve (12) consecutive month period, may be dropped from membership. NOTE: Excused meetings may not be included to achieve the six (6) meeting minimum. Attendance at ladies day functions may be excluded at the discretion of the Branch Executive Committee. Dual membership is not permitted. If a member should move and wish to join another Branch, the Membership Chairman will facilitate a transfer.

History of Branch #45
Bill Crocker, Branch 45 Historian
2945 Quail Pointe Drive, Yuba City, 95993
Click here to download a printable copy

All travel events and other activities sponsored by Sons in Retirement,
Incorporated, or its branches, are for the convenience and pleasure of the members and their guests who desire to participate. Sons in Retirement, Incorporated, and its branches do not assume any responsibility for the wellbeing or safety of the participants or passengers or their property or any damages whatsoever in any manner pertaining to said travel activities.